Allergist says pollen count in Chattanooga is "astronomical"

It's allergy season in the Tennessee Valley, and allergist Dr. Todd Levin says the pollen count is very high. He says pets can bring in pollen, making allergy symptoms worse. (Image: WTVC)

A Chattanooga spring... it looks beautiful, but Dr. Levin with Chattanooga Allergy Clinic says "we are one of the allergy capitals in the spring time."

He says that the tree pollen count in Chattanooga is far beyond extreme.

Part of that is because of the way the city is set up. Levin says, "We live in a bowl ... and all that pollen sinks to the bottom of the bowl."

Dr. Todd Levin says about 50 percent of the population in Chattanooga suffers from some kind of allergy.

Levin calls the current pollen count in Chattanooga "astronomical."

He says any pollen count over 120 is considered extreme and right now, Chattanooga is 10 times that.

Levin says, "It was 1700 over the weekend, and 1850 today - those numbers are extremely high."

Dr. Levin says there is a way to help. While he says that over-the-counter medications can be a good first step, there are also allergy shots that can help you get through the season.

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