Alabama man arrested in Calhoun for hospitalizing 1-year-old daughter

Arrest 2.jpg

Calhoun Police say they have arrested a man from Fort Payne, Alabama for an incident that led to the hospitalization of his 1 year-old daughter.

18-year-old Cody Gibson faces 3 felony counts of Cruelty to Children and 1 felony count of Aggravated Battery.

Calhoun Police say the incident happened on August 5th at a Hi-Tech Fuel. Officers responded to an infant with injuries to her leg.

The Calhoun Police Department says the child was transported to Hamilton Medical Center in Dalton for treatment.

According to CPD, Gibson said he may have "slammed" the child in her car seat "a bit too hard" and caused the injury.

Chief Tony Pyle says “At this stage in the investigation the evidence points to intentional excessive force inflicted on the child by Gibson as the cause of the injury”.

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