"Aid a Veteran" installs new AC units


A local group is helping one veteran and his mom beat the heat this summer.

"We're just doing what we say we do,” Shane Hutcheson said. “People donate to us to help our veterans."

Hutcheson is with "Aid a Veteran." The group gives back to those who have served their country. The family he helped Tuesday does not have air conditioning.

“I put together some fundraisers. We got out there in the field, started talking to people and started generating the funds,” Hutcheson said.

Hutcheson said RK Gun Shows and other community members helped raise the funds at an event at Camp Jordan. On Tuesday, Hutcheson delivered the units to David Cunningham, a paralyzed veteran.

“It’s a God-send that my Mom saw this and contacted them,” Cunningham said. “And as soon as she spoke with them, he jumped right on board with it.”

Cunningham's mother, Rosa, said at first she was hesitant to call and ask for help.

“David always feels that other veterans need more than he needs,” she said.

But David did need help, after she and David both admitted those who have sustained spinal injuries often have a harder time regulating their body temperatures.

“I can deal with the heat. He can't,” she added.

Their air conditioning went out a month ago and they did not have the funds to replace a full unit. That is when "Aid A Veteran" showed up with two window units for the upstairs and downstairs

“It's unbelievable that these people are here to help. It's awesome,” Helsel said.

Despite being injured four years ago in a hang gliding accident, David remains extremely active.

“I kayak. I hand-cycle a lot which is a big thing for me now,” Cunningham said. “I'm trying to get into wheelchair racing. I want to put that together and I want to do a triathlon.”

Cunningham also skies, rock climbs and has a love for sailing. Now, after a full day of outdoor activities, Cunningham will finally get to come home to some cool comfort in his own home. And with temperatures soaring into the upper 90’s, these air conditioning units could not have come at a better time.

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