After collapse, experts say Miami's fast bridge construction was different than NW Georgia

Several people are dead and at least ten people were hospitalized Wednesday afternoon after a pedestrian bridge collapsed at Florida International University (FIU) in Miami. (Image: MGN, Jonathan Muñoz / Twitter)

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue says at least six people are dead, and several hospitalized following the collapse of a pedestrian bridge at Florida International University (FIU) in Miami Thursday.

FIU says the bridge was considered an accelerated bridge construction project, and was supposed to reduce risks to workers and pedestrians and minimize traffic disruption.

We've seen that style of fast bridge construction here at home, but experts here say the process was very different.

One project took place in May 2017 on Highway 299 over I-24 in Dade County, Georgia.

Highway 299 closed as crews worked to replace a bridge in 56 hours. They called it "accelerated bridge construction."

We wanted to know if the collapse in Miami will call for further inspection or construction of the bridge here, so we reached out to Steve Wright of Wright Brothers Construction.

Wright told us that in the Miami bridge's construction, contractors were trying to build the bridge in segments and then piece it all together.

In Dade County however, the bridge was built in its entirety first, and then moved into place.

Georgia Department of Transportation issued the following statement after the collapse of the Miami bridge:

"The safety of Georgia’s motorists is the first priority of the Georgia Department of Transportation. We are shocked and deeply saddened by the events unfolding at Florida International University. Our hearts go out to those affected. We understand that NTSB will conduct a full investigation and we will closely follow their findings. Since we do not yet know the cause of the bridge collapse, and this is still a recovery effort, we are going to refrain from speculation and comment."

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