Affidavit: Chattanooga man yelled "watch this s---" before hitting woman with his car

Images: Hamilton Co. Jail / MGN

A man faces charges in Chattanooga after police say he choked a woman and hit her with his car, all in front of her family members.

Police arrested 42-year-old Kenneth Michael Daniel on Thursday, and charged him with aggravated assault and attempted first degree murder.

A police affidavit obtained by NewsChannel 9 says the incident happened at a home on Bramlett Road Thursday afternoon.

The affidavit says the victim told investigators she was outside her residence with family members and friends when Daniel pulled up in his Oldsmobile.

Daniel, who was acquainted with the woman before the incident, asked her to come to the car. The affidavit says he then grabbed her by the throat and started choking her.

One woman yelled for help and called 911.

A male family member of the victim came over to the car, and later told investigators it was at that point Daniel yelled "watch this s---," put his vehicle in drive, and struck the victim.

After that, the affidavit said Daniel drove off. The police officer writing the affidavit says he observed choke marks on the woman and a cut on her leg from being hit by the car.

Police later located Daniel and arrested him.

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