WATCH: Immigrant father returns to Chattanooga after being detained by ICE

Edgar Vasquez-Diaz surrounded by family, friends, and community members during a rally at Bridge City Community Church Wednesday. (Image: WTVC)

UPDATE (6/12/19):

A representative for the family tells NewsChannel 9 that Edgar Vasquez-Diaz returned to Chattanooga early Wednesday morning after being in ICE custody since April.

Tennessee United, the local advocacy group that helped the family raise enough money to post bond, held a news conference at Bridge City Community Church Wednesday at 4:00 p.m.

You can watch the event below:

Depend on us to keep you updated on this developing story.

UPDATE (Monday):

A representative for the family tells NewsChannel 9, “With a lot of hard work, united effort and the help of human rights organizations the bail bond money has been raised. Time is of the essence and we are on our way to Atlanta to post the bond. We only have until 3pm to do this.”

The local advocacy group Tennessee United held a yard sale over the weekend to help raise money for the family.

This is a developing story. Depend on NewsChannel 9 to keep you posted.


A Chattanooga family is hanging onto one last hope to be reunited with their immigrant father.

We told you Edgar Vasquez-Diaz's story in April when he was arrested in Hamilton County and taken into ICE custody, despite pleas from his family.

Now a federal judge has set his bail but is only giving the family until June 9th to come up with the money.

A wife is aching for her husband to come back home and be reunited with his kids.

We spoke to her with the help from a translator.

"It's very hard, but I am fighting - struggling and fighting for them so he can be here," Anabella Guox-Lopez explained.

Anabella's husband, Edgar Vasquez-Diaz is about 550 miles away at a detention facility in Jena, Louisiana.

In April of this year, cameras were there when his wife and several others from a local advocacy group, United We Dream, begged Sheriff Jim Hammond to return him back to his family after being arrested for driving well below the speed limit and without a license.

But weeks later, he was taken by ICE after pleading guilty to driving without a license.

Since then, a federal judge granted bail at $15,000 - but the catch?

It has to be raised by June 9th.

"The main item that could actually protect them was the bond hearing, they got it and that's wonderful but they need to come with the money," Terry Olsen of Olsen Law Firm in Chattanooga, said.

Terry Olsen is an immigration lawyer in Chattanooga.

Olsen says there are many cases going on right now just like this one.

He says this is the family's last effort to get him released before possible deportation.

“Most likely at the bond hearing they argued that he had an immigration benefit where there were ties to his family here or maybe needs of the children," Olsen added.

Through a translator, Anabella told us she's doing everything she can to raise the money and put her broken family back together.

"Even though it is very hard that he's not here I am doing this for my children because the miss him and they need him," Anabella Guox-Lopez said.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page here.

Olsen says if the family doesn't raise the money by June 9th, there will be a hearing and Vasquez-Diaz will be removed within the next few months.

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