9 year old victim tells harrowing tale of how he was tossed off amusement ride

Carter Smith recuperating with his parents at home

Investigation over.

The state of Gerogia found nothing mechanically wrong with the Fly-O-Plane at Lake Winnepesaukah. And for the first time, we are hearing about that day from one of the victims, 9 year old Carter Smith.

He and his cousin were thrown from the ride. He tells us about his slow, and painful road to recovery.

Carter says he and his cousin knew they were tall enough to ride the Fly-O-Plane ride at Lake Winnepesauka, so they got in. "We figured that the guy who does the ride would come around and check the doors to see if they were locked," Carter says.

"But he didn't."

Then the plane started going upside down like it's supposed to. "I was holding on to the side of the steering wheel and I was yelling 'help.. help' and the guy didn't hear me," Carter remembers.

And then, the unthinkable. "Then I lost my grip and fell out," he says. Was he scared? A childlike nod to the affirmative.

Carter has several broken bones.. his parents say they're hoping the arm injury he's got, heals the way it's supposed to.. his knee is a different story. "Does it hurt?" we asked him. "Well, the rods hurt," he replied.

The rods help his knee heal in place. "They're protruding the skin," his father Jeremy says. "He can feel it in his calfs and it's really tough for him because it causes him a lot of pain."

Ringgold Elementary School goes back on August 15th. Carter's going to miss that, and several weeks more. "I thank God that he spared his life," says mom Amber Smith. "Now I'm like, 'OK God, please help us get through all of this together as a family, as everything."

Most of the time, smiles come easily for the 9 year old.. but when reality sets in, the smiles fade. "Are you pretty sure you're going to get over this," we asked Carter in his hospital bed at home. "No," he said while shaking his head. "I'm still having problems remembering when I'm older."

The Georgia Fire Marshal's office tells us, we may never know what caused the accident that injured Carter and his cousin.

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