9-year-old Chattanooga girl with epilepsy raising money for seizure-detecting dog

Kieren sits in class at Westview Elementary school. (Image: WTVC)

We all know about dogs that can lead the blind but one Chattanooga mom says a dog that detects seizures could change her daughter's life.

MaryNelle Sprague's 9 year old daughter Kieren has about 20 seizures a day.

Sprague says they've tried different medicines, procedures, and even brain surgery but the seizures won't go away.

She has five different types of seizures, including drop seizures - where Kieren falls and could get hurt.

Kieren has an assistant at school who follows her every move.

"She rides the bus to school with her in the am, she's with her all day and then she rides the bus home.," Sprague said.

For a single mom, it's a lot to watch Kieren constantly but even mom can't be there to catch her fall every time.

They believe a dog could.

"It would definitely protect her from the falls and injuries," Sprague said. "She has broken her nose, her finger and she's had gashes to her head from the falls."

A service dog could also tell Kieren and her mom about the seizure right before it happens.

Scientists think dogs can smell a chemical change, humans can't.

"I think it would open up possibilities for our family to do more activities outside of home," she said.

As you might imagine, the dogs and all of their training isn't cheap.

Sprague says they aren't covered by insurance.

"We are left to fundraise because most people don't have 15 to 20 thousand dollars," she said.

With wait lists up to five years, she's hoping they're approved sooner rather than later.

A chance for this single mom and her daughter to live a more care free life.

You can check out Kieren's fundraising efforts here.

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