Cleveland postal worker celebrates 50 years on the job

Dean Newman has worked with the Postal Service for 50 years, and he's still going strong. (Image: WTVC)

The employees at the Keith Street post office in Cleveland, Tennessee threw a party for a coworker.

This isn't just any coworker.

Let's say Dean Newman knows his way around the city.

Newman's been coming to work with the Postal Service for 50 years.

He started in Virginia and has continued in Cleveland.

Newman said he does it, for the people. "I like serving people. That's why I like this business route where I can walk, keep myself in shape and meet my customers and get to know them."

In his days and years, Newman has seen some things.

He once saw a building explode from a gas leak.

A couple of dogs have nipped his legs.

And yes, he's delivered mail in the rain, sleet and snow. Newman noted, "My first year at the post office, we had a blizzard and I got frost bite on my ears. And it was painful for several years and thereafter."

As you would imagine, he's built a relationship with his customers.

Dana Cole is one of those customers. "He's just the sweetest gentleman. I mean every time I see him, he speaks," Cole said.

Cole's coworker Dena Hunt and a customer of Newman is impressed by his longevity on the job. "50 years is a long time, especially to be a doing a job where you're up moving around, the weather, carrying things, it's amazing," Hunt said.

Newman said it's quite simple why he keeps delivering mail. "I love Cleveland and I love my job."

The 78-year-old man hopes to increase his nest egg a bit and has no plans of retiring any time soon.

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