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Minted and 3D printed: This Chattanooga credit union is the first of its kind in the U.S.

The{ } façade{ } of this TVFCU bank in Chattanooga's Southside is entirely 3D printed. [Image: WTVC]
The façade of this TVFCU bank in Chattanooga's Southside is entirely 3D printed. [Image: WTVC]
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A bank has printed statements, checks, but what about printed walls?

You’ve never seen a credit union like the new Tennessee Valley Credit Union in Chattanooga's Southside. That's because That’s because there’s never been one like it.

Its façade is entirely 3D printed. It’s the first commercial 3D printed building in the U.S. according to Branch Technology's Founder and CEO Platt Boyd. Branch Technology is a Chattanooga company that does 3D printing.

"It’s not like all the other boring boxes around," Boyd said. “It’s taken years to develop.”

He explained how the structure was made.

“It’s a carbon reinforced open lattis that solidifies in open space. Then we fill that with a lightweight foam and it’s nailed down robotically, and clad on the outside with glass fiber reinforced concrete,” he said.

The panels are water repellent, self-cleaning, and weigh less than regular concrete.

This method isn’t just unique because it hasn’t been done before. It’s also environmentally friendly.

In typical construction a ton of waste is created from unused supplies.

However, when you 3D print your materials you only use the supplies necessary for the job.

Todd Fortner, the CEO of TVFCU, says the method has endless possibilities.

it’s not just limited to financial institutions, anybody looking to build a commercial building can have something that’s really unique,” Fortner said.

Boyd says it makes Chattanooga even more tech forward and just makes "cents."

The Southside TVFCU’s grand opening is tomorrow morning at 125 West 20th Street.

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Branch Technology also says this building the first freeform 3D printed composite in the world.

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