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31 animals rescued from hoarding situation in Walker County in need of a good home

Image: Walker County Animal Shelter.
Image: Walker County Animal Shelter.
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Thursday we had a chance to see the 31 animals rescued from a hoarding situation in Walker County.

Many still need medical care. But for the others, it's a need to find a forever home.

Thursday we went to the Walker County Animal Shelter to find out what's being done to help them.

"She's still a good loving dog!" says Jeff Mitchell.

Beloved dogs that Walker County Animal Shelter director Jeff Mitchell says were living in poor conditions.

"We just got several animals that's needing a good adopter and a good home," says Mitchell.

Ed is one of 31 animals, rescued just days ago and in need of a home.

Now at full capacity, the shelter says adoptive parents are needed more than ever.

It's not the first hoarding case Walker County's faced this year.

"Large amounts of feces piled up in the house, just kind of really bad, uninhabitable living conditions. The skeletal remains of some animals will found on the property," says Stacey Meeks.

Lafayette Police Chief Stacey Meeks says two people were charged with 91 counts of animal cruelty in April.

"We had immediate concern for the safety of the animals, which we took immediate possession of," says Meeks.

Overloading the shelter...

"We're at code red," the animal shelter says.

Mitchell says the hoarding cases follow a mass spike of adoptions during the pandemic.

But now, many of those pets that were given homes during COVID are abandoned.

"I would say adoptions across the board are down. not just for our county but anywhere from 10% to 20%," says Mitchell.

He adds that high living costs are driving down adoption rates.

"Adopters are just not readily available at the moment," says Mitchell.

With the Consumer Price Index saying items like pet food increased in cost by 17%...

"People are a little bit more cautious about bringing something else into their home that they're going to have to provide for and feed," says Mitchell.

Mitchell says they're working to reduce costs for adopters.

"Any animal you adopt from our shelter is gonna come fully loaded, spayed and neutered, up to date on rabies, all their shots," says Mitchell.

To give our furry friends, a helping hand.

"They're still living creatures, and they still need people to adopt," says Mitchell.

Mitchell says the owners of the hoarded animals are facing 31 pending ordinance violations.

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