17-year-old Ringgold senior waits and prepares for call back from American Idol

Thursday, NewsChannel 9 hit the hallways of Ringgold High School with 17-year-old Nick Hickman. (Image: WTVC)

One Ringgold High School senior anxiously awaits a call back from American Idol.

We met Nicholas Hickman right before he auditioned in Atlanta earlier this week.

Thursday, we hit the hallways of Ringgold High School with the 17-year-old.

Nick is your average 17-year-old. He waits in line for lunch just like every one else.

He enjoys hanging out with his friends and loves to sing.

Ever since he left Atlanta Tuesday, only one thing has been on his mind.

"I'm super paranoid that something bad is gonna happen to my phone," Hickman laughed.

It's understandable though because the Ringgold senior is anxiously awaiting a call back from American Idol to let him know if he's moving on.

"My phone 97 percent of the time is on silent, but it has been on full ringer since the audition. I've had it like sitting right here, on my desk, all class, and like I keep checking it," he told NewsChannel 9.

His friends say he has nothing to worry about.

"He has a really good chance. He's really good," said sophomore Drew Rowe.

Spencer Emous agrees. "He has a shot," he said.

Nick let us tag along with him to a few classes. Chorus is one of his favorites.

Singing is something Nick hopes he can continue to do for years to come.

"I don't want people to think that I'm in Hollywood next month or something. I'm just waiting on a call. Waiting on a call," he said. "That whole experience was just great. So, even if I don't get a call, it was still such a great experience."

Nick will graduate from Ringgold High this May. He's still deciding where he'll go to college.

American Idol will air on ABC in 2018.

Of course, once we find out if Nick is moving on, we'll let you know.

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