Former Tennessee Titan hosting football camp in Chattanooga

Tony Brown played for the Tennessee Titans for five seasons. (Image: Neu IMC)

Former defensive tackle for the Tennessee Titans Tony Brown is hosting a football camp here in Chattanooga.

The "Skills and Drills Development Camp" will be held on Saturday, July 8th at Howard School of Academics and Technology.

Brown is originally from the scenic city, but the high school he went to isn't around anymore.

"A lot of guys that I know that are in my position have a school they can go back to," says Brown. "It kinda left a soft spot in my spirit, not having a school to go back to. Instead of feeling some kind of way about that, I decided to share it with everybody and their schools."

A number of former and current NFL players will lead the camp, giving middle and high school athletes a great opportunity to learn and expand their game.

"[Parents] can go to the website, They can go on there, register their kids, see everything that's gonna happen on there," says Brown. "There's a calendar, they can see the guys that's gonna be there, from NFL guys, to all the guys that's gonna be there coaching wise. It's a great experience."

The camp isn't the only thing Brown is bringing to Chattanooga. Earlier this year, he established The Tony Brown Center, which is an environment that fosters learning, play and growth for the community's youth.

The center has after school programs, tutoring for ACT and SAT prep and offers meals for kids who don't have them.

"This is where my heart is right now. I’ve had this dream in my head since I was playing ball. Coming home trying to make a difference," says Brown. "There’s a lot of negative things I hear, but we need to show these kids, both young men and women, that there are positive people that are willing to lay it all on the line and be there for them."

Brown's camp costs $25 to register. For more information about the camp and community center, check out his website:

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