American Idol holding auditions in Chattanooga on Tuesday, August 28

American Idol will hold auditions in Chattanooga this coming August. (Image: American Idol)

For the first time, American Idol will be paying a visit to the Scenic City to see who in town has what it takes to be the next season's big winner.

The American Idol website says the American Idol audition bus will be in Chattanooga on Tuesday, August 28th - the third stop on a nationwide tour.

You can audition online and in-person, or both.

Online auditions are open now. Click here to submit an online audition on the American Idol casting page.

If you'd rather audition in person in Chattanooga , you can click here to register and to get the latest information.

The Chattanooga area has produced several Idol contestants who have advanced far - most notably, Lauren Alaina of Rossville, who auditioned in Atlanta for season 10. Watch her audition tape:

Alaina won runner up that year, but it was enough to propel her to country music stardom. She played Riverbend in 2012.

So, do you think you have what it takes? We wish you the best of luck!

Here's the full audition tour schedule:

  • Orlando, FL - August 25
  • San Diego, CA - August 25
  • Chattanooga, TN - August 28
  • Scottsdale, AZ - August 28
  • Charlotte, NC - August 31
  • Albuquerque, NM - August 31
  • Seattle, WA - August 31
  • Boise, ID - September 2
  • Richmond, VA - September 3
  • Plano, TX - September 3
  • Houston, TX - September 4
  • Austin, TX - September 6
  • Philadelphia, PA - September 6
  • Oklahoma City, OK - September 6
  • Buffalo, NY - September 9
  • Kansas City, MO - September 9
  • Shreveport, LA - September 9
  • Columbus, OH - September 12
  • Little Rock, AR - September 12
  • Charleston, WV - September 15

(Locations and dates subject to change.)

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