Results in for Cherokee County, N.C. primary elections Tuesday night

(Image: MGN)

The results are in for the North Carolina Primaries Tuesday night. Cherokee County voted for a sheriff, U.S. House representatives, and more.

In the sheriff's race, incumbent Derrick Palmer won over his opponent Dan Sherrill.

For the Republican Primary in the U.S. House race, Mark Meadows took the victory with 88% of the vote.

For Democrats, Phillip Price edges out as the winner with 40% of the vote.

Here are additional results from tonight's races:

Board of Commissioner, District 1 Cherokee Co. (Republican Primary): Cal Stiles (51%)

Board of Commissioner, District 3 Cherokee Co. (Republican Primary): Gary "Hippie" Westmoreland (73%)

Board of Commissioner, District 4 Cherokee Co. (Republican Primary): Dan Eichenbaum (51%)

Board of Education At-Large Cherokee Co. (Republican Primary): Keesha Curtis (52%)

Board of Education, District 2 Cherokee Co. (Republican Primary): Jeff Martin (67%)

Board of Education, District 3 Cherokee Co. (Republican Primary): Joe Wood (42%)

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