Mayoral candidate wants to put high-speed rail plan on the fast track

A candidate for mayor of Chattanooga says he will be the one to make a high-speed rail between Chattanooga and Atlanta a reality.

At a news conference on Thursday, David Crockett said a bullet train would be a top priority for his administration, if elected.

The former city councilman says he has been working on the initiative since 1993 and he feels confident he can finally make it happen.

Crockett spoke to reporters at the Chattanooga Airport, which he says would be directly impacted by a new train connection.

Last year, around 400,000 people flew out of Chattanooga. Crockett says a link to Atlanta could bring thousands of additional passengers to Chattanooga's airport.

"Nothing is more important to Chattanooga than this. This is the biggest opportunity to transform our economy and I intend to get that done," said Crockett.

Crockett says millions of dollars have already been spent on route planning and an environmental impact study.

Depend on us to keep you posted.

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