GOP candidate for Tennessee Governor Bill Lee visits Chattanooga

Tennessee GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Lee

The primary election in the race for Tennessee Governor is now three months away. We have seen several candidates make stops in Chattanooga the last several weeks. Today Republican Candidate for Governor Bill Lee visited the Chattanooga area.

I asked him how he plans to appeal to people who may not know his story.

"What I am trying to communicate is I'm an outsider. I've never run for office, but I've lived a life of executive leadership, running a corporation, running nonprofits, and presiding over industry groups," Bill Lee said. "It's that kind of leadership that I think we really believe is valuable, and I think folks all over the state recognize that."

Diane Black, Randy Boyd, Beth Harwell, and Bill Lee are leading the field for the nomination on the Republican ticket. Karl Dean and Craig Fitzhugh are among the democrats in the race.

It's a crowed field on the GOP side, and in a debate in Memphis two weeks ago the three candidates who participated agreed on most of the issues they were asked about.

"Republican gubernatorial candidates often times sound alike when they're asked the same questions, but I think the people of Tennessee are smarter than that. I think they can look through and see there are very clear distinct differences between the candidates running for Governor," Bill Lee said.

The last day to register to vote in the August primaries is July Third. The primaries are August 2.

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