Chattanooga Zoo hosts wildlife expert, Jack Hanna for conservation event


The Chattanooga zoo hosted its annual event "Banana Spilt" today where they provided games and activities for kids while teaching them about the importance of conservation.

Their guest speaker, Jack Hanna, said he can see the Chattanooga Zoo's value in the community.

He spoke to the efforts the staff has put forth to make sure their animals are not only healthy, but happy.

"This is like heaven for them. I can see an animal and in 30 seconds know if it is well taken care of. I can tell you there's a wonderful staff here who takes great care of the animals."

Hanna says that the converstation around conservation and extinction needs to change.

"I saw every headline that said 'cheetahs are going extinct' how about we start putting in effort to change that before declaring it."

Hanna brought animals from his Columbus Zoo to Chattanooga to show to the audience.

He showed off an African Serval which is a wildcat found in Africa.

"Seeing these animals, like the Serval Cat here, you have to see the animals you have here, once you see them, then you understand them. That's what we are here fro. Once you see them and you know there are not many here on planet earth, you want to do something."

"You see that animal you say I really wanna help."

He said that it is common to think there is no way to help

species that are far away from where we live.

"You can do something. Support your local zoo. That goes far beyond."

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