Interview: Rep. Chuck Fleischmann on Hamilton Co. Flooding, Boeing controversy


Tennessee 3rd District Congressman Chuck Fleischmann addresses the recent flooding across the state of Tennessee. Rep. Fleischmann sat with the Director of FEMA on Tuesday to discuss disaster relief for the 54 out of 95 Tennessee counties affected by the floods. Fleischmann assures Hamilton County residents that, "The federal relief dollars will be there to help people."

Fleischmann also shares his thoughts on the US's decision to not ground the Boeing 737 after two recent crashes. Fleischmann stresses that flight safety is at utmost importance, and that the FAA and Boeing have not found conclusive proof that there is something wrong with the aircraft.

In regards to the ongoing Mueller investigation, Fleischmann says that, "it has gone on entirely too long." He does not think that this investigation will threaten President Trump's chances in the 2020 election.

Watch the full interview below:

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