Congressman Fleischmann on shutdown: "I too will share in that pain"

Image: WTVC

Tennessee 3rd District Congressman Chuck Fleischmann spoke to NewsChannel 9's Latricia Thomas on Wednesday about the current partial federal government shutdown.

Rep. Fleischmann says, "My message to everyone who will not get a paycheck is we are doing everything possible to get the government back up and running. My message would be I have suspended my pay so I too will share in that pain. I think it is very important for all members of Congress to do that as well."

Rep. Fleischmann says he stands by President Trump insistence that Congress provide money for a border wall, saying "Obviously I think the president is correct, I think he's on the right path. We need to secure our southern border. It's a humanitarian crisis, it's a crisis, call it what you want. Drugs, illegal trafficking, it's a danger to our nation we have got to secure that and I think we elect a president, we elect our federal leaders to keep our country safe and I think he's doing that."

Watch the full interview below.

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