Sale Creek students design devices for Siskin Children's Institute

students in the training room, image: Siskin Children's Institute

Siskin Children’s Institute says they are excited to be partnering with the seventh grade digital fabrication students at Sale Creek Middle School.

Eighty students from the school visited the Siskin Early Learning Center to learn more about Assistive Technology (AT) and how it is used to help children with special needs learn, play, and communicate with their peers.

The students at Sale Creek Middle School have access to a digital fabrication lab where they will be creatively designing their AT devices.

Volkswagen awarded a $65,000 grant through the Public Education Foundation in partnership with the State of Tennessee, that made the fabrication lab possible. With these resources, the students will work together in teams to create AT devices that will assist a child with special needs.

“We wanted the students to be challenged to collaborate, create, think critically, and problem-solve with a sense of purpose and empathy,” says Cara Stiles, seventh grade science teacher at Sale Creek Middle School. “We believe that opening their eyes to diversity will expand their worldview, cultivate deeper learning, and increase their social and emotional awareness.

Siskin Children’s Institute says they will attend an event at Sale Creek Middle School in March to review the class projects.

For more information about Siskin Children’s Institute, visit .

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