Howard students do mock job interviews

Howard School students were interviewed Thursday by local professionals to help them get ready for future job interviews. (Image: WTVC)

Some Howard students are getting a better idea of what a real job interview is like thanks to a series of mock interviews.

The seven-round session put the students at a table with interviewers from different professional backgrounds.

Some thought they did quite well.

"This is kind of like a walk in the park for me," Deveonte Overton said.

Others saw room for improvement

"My resume wasn't the best," Laniesha Gatewood said.

But all said they know more now than they did before.

"I believe they'll be more prepared with things, and if they have a good experience, they'll know what to do if they had a real job interview," DeShawn Ridley said.

Thursday's first career test marked the end of a course put on by the group BelFlex, to get students better prepared, earlier in life.

Overton said he had his game plan mapped out.

"I like to be interviewed. I'm also very social. One thing about me is to make sure you keep eye contact, you sit up straight and make sure your engaged," Overton said.

Meanwhile, Gatewood said the interviews helped her get into a rhythm.

"Just go with the flow. If they ask you a question, answer it to the best of your ability," Gatewood said.

This is the second year Howard has participated in the program.

More than 30 students put their skills to the test.

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