Hamilton Co. school board unanimously approves new bullying policy during Thursday meeting

Hamilton County school board members unanimously agreed to a new bullying policy for area schools Thursday night. (Image: WTVC)

Your child's reports of bullying could soon be resolved quicker in Hamilton County schools.

The Hamilton County school board met Thursday evening and voted on a response to bullying in area schools.

STARS director Karen Glenn says this policy change just puts their practice on paper. "The policy is to align with the procedures that are already in place," says Glenn.

The unanimously approved policy requires school employees to share information about bullying allegations with an administrator within 48 hours.

The issue must also be resolved within 20 days of the report.

This vote comes after three Ooltewah High School basketball players were found guilty of raping and assaulting their teammate. The incident happened at a cabin in Gatlinburg in December 2015.

Now, nearly two years later, the Hamilton County Department of Education is aligning their policy with changes initiated by the Tennessee Department of Education in fall 2016.

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