Hamilton Co. Commission approves plan on how to spend school money

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On Wednesday, Hamilton County Commissioners voted to approve the Board of Education's recommendations for school construction and renovation projects.

The vote was unanimous.

The $100,000,000 needed for the projects would come from a recent tax increase. The Board of Education would borrow an additional $10,000,000 from the county for the projects.

In addition to new school buildings for East Hamilton Middle School and Harrison Elementary School, and CSLA moving into a renovated Tyner Middle School, the Board recommended a number of smaller projects. (Tyner Middle School would move into Tyner High).

They include:

  • New Howard High School stadium and track
  • New Lookout Valley Elementary multipurpose room
  • Howard Middle School renovation
  • Lookout Valley High field house and tennis court improvements
  • Central High School track improvement
  • Snow Hill Elementary addition
  • new Normal Park elevator
  • Brainerd High School track improvement
  • Hixson High School track improvement and tennis court improvement

During debate over the issue, Commissioner Tim Boyd of District Eight explained how important the concerns are to the Hamilton County residents. Commissioner Boyd also includeded a timeline of the process that was started in February, and ended today.

The letter that Commissioner Tim Boyd handed out raised a lot of concern among the other Commissioners.

Commissioner Greg Martin of District Three questioned why the letter was important to the converstaion during the meeting. Commissioner Martin explained how he would have liked to get the letter a few days ago in the spirit of transparency.

Below is a list of the building projects that were approved at the Hamilton County School Board meeting on October 19.

The Howard High Board and Track is not one of those and will cost an estimated $5 million.

This is a developing story. Depend on us to bring you details as we get them.

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