EPB says 2011 tornadoes stands as the biggest disaster to ever hit their power system

Almost 130,000 customers lost power during the 2011 tornadoes.

The tornadoes hit EPB in a staggering way.

It still stands as the biggest disaster to ever hit their power system.

Almost 130,000 customers lost power.

EPB took nearly 200,000 calls.

The damage was so widespread it took repair crews from 23 states to get the city and surrounding area back on its feet.

Top level administrator Wendell Boring says the anniversary reminds him of the pain and loss so many suffered, and the impact it had on EPB.

Wendell Boring, Assistant VP Field Operations, said "The biggest need was getting enough people here to do the restorations. We had almost nine thousand locations that were destroyed and damaged on the electric system. I mean the bulk of our electric system was damaged pretty bad."

Boring says the Smart Grid was only 30% complete in 2011 but it is finished now.

Because of that, he says EPB would have a better response today to devastating storms.

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