Bledsoe County continuing to rebuild after storm

NewsChannel 9's Alyssa Spirato talks to Bledsoe County homeowner Kenny Kizzar about the storm.

What once stood a mobile home on Pitts Gap Road filled with memories and the strong bond of family, now lies in a pile of rubble in an open field.

"We didn't realize that it was actually going to come here and tear our places down," said Kenny Kizzar.

Kizzar has vivid memories about that day.

"Stuff started hitting our building and I realized it was starting to come apart and the tornado was actually here," said Kizzar.

Kizzar says in a matter of ten seconds, his whole life turned upside down.

"I ran over here to the Fox's and I passed my daddy on the way and he said, they're gone son. They're gone. I didn't want to hear him," said Kizzar.

But Kizzar searched anyway and still couldn't find Debbie & Harold.

Until they heard a Jack Russell barking across the street.

"One of the EMS people said, let's go check that out so I went over there and sure enough, they found Debbie and Harold, was just right there a foot or two from her," said Kizzar.

Five years later, staring at this empty field is hard for him.

But things the Fox family did each day, keeps their memory alive.

"Harold would get on his horse and ride over. I can still see him now over on that hill smiling at us," said Kizzar.

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