Weezer the pug is missing from Red Bank, thought to be in Alabama

Owner Carly Armitage says Weezer may be far from his Red Bank home in Alabama.

Owner Carly Armitage is missing her pug Weezer, and needs your help locating him.

She says on February 9th, Weezer got out of her fenced-in yard in Red Bank.

She says a construction worker found him, and took him to where he works. She says the maintenance manager took Weezer home that evening, and another employee took him to the the McKamey Animal Center to check for a microchip.

Armitage says Weezer did not have a microchip and that employee took him home with her, leaving a phone number.

Armitage says she contacted the woman, who told her a maintenance man who lives in Alabama had taken him home. That maintenance man later told her WEezer got out of the fence at his house.

She says, "I have been in contact with the animal rescues in the area of Alabama that he was lost and they have seen nor heard anything. A friend and my husband have also been to the area to post flyers and ask residents if they have seen Weezer."

If you have seen Weezer, please call Armitage at 423-544-9802.

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