Meet Sarafina and Macon - pair of dogs rescued from Harvey

Meet Sarafina and Macon at the McKamey Animal Center. (IMAGE: WTVC) 

Meet Sarafina and Macon!

This bonded pair of pooches was brought to McKamey in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Shelter staff quickly learned that the two dogs couldn't live without each other so they are a package deal!

Sarafina and Macon are extremely loving, neither has a mean bone in their body!

Macon is just a puppy so he still has some growing to do but he is already a well-trained, good boy.

Sarafina is slightly older than Macon and is just as affectionate!

Shelter staff believes the pair will do wonderful in any household as long as they are together!

You can meet Sarafina and Macon at the McKamey Animal Center during normal business hours.

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