Humane Educational Society rescues 17 beagles from Hamilton County home

The Humane Educational Society rescued 17 beagles from a Hamilton County property this week. Daisy needed life-saving surgery for a broken femur. (Humane Educational Society)

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WTVC) - The Chattanooga-Hamilton County Humane Educational Society (HES) says it has rescued 17 beagles out of about 40 at a home in Hamilton County and hopes dog lovers can step up to give them all a good home.

HES spokesman Bob Citrullo says one of the beagles, a 12-week old named Daisy, had been hit with an ATV. She needed life-saving surgery for a broken femur.

Citrullo says the owner did not get Daisy the help she needed and was not truthful about the time of the injury.

"They should have never left a puppy or any animal like that in pain knowing that it was directly due to an accident from someone they know with an ATV," Citrullo said. "They hit the dog, they have absolute knowledge the dog was injured and failed to provide medical care."

Daisy was taken for surgery about three hours away. She is now recovering and is expected to be brought back to HES Friday. She will need a foster home and rehabilitation before being ready for adoption, Citrullo said.

Citrullo says the still-unidentified owner said she "got in over her head" and was unable to give Daisy and the other dogs proper care.

"There was a lot of feces and urine on the ground and in their kennels," Citrullo said, adding they were found in cramped conditions.

The beagles currently at HES are improving every day, says animal care manager Ashleigh Gil.

"I don't think they've ever had human contact and playing with humans before, so they're very excited," Gil said. "We do have some that are scared but we are pairing them up with other beagles that are going to bring them out of their shell."

Gil showed WTVC the five beagles currently ready for adoption and says the rest will be ready soon.

"I try to learn all my dogs' personalities, so I can pair them up to the best home," Gil said.

As for the other beagles left on the property, Citrullo says they appear to be healthy and not in immediate need of help.

"If I thought for a minute the other ones were that serious we would be out there right now," Citrullo said.

There were two dead animals found on the property, but HES is not sure if they belonged to the beagle's owner or how they died.

"Questions yet that we have to answer but we will continuously check on these animals to make sure they're safe."

HES has dealt with the owner multiple times before. The owner corrected the issues in the past, but then an anonymous tip led HES to investigate again Monday.

Citrullo said it appears to be a breeder who got overwhelmed. The investigation will continue and charges could be filed.

If you're interested in adopting one of the beagles, go to the HES website, contact HES on its Facebook page, send HES an email or call 423-624-5302.

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