Humane Educational Society in Chattanooga seeks donations, owner for injured dog

Emma Jane Images: Humane Educational Society

The Hamilton County Humane Educational Society (HES) is asking the public for donations to their Special Needs Fund so they can give an injured dog named Emma Jane the special care she needs.

Emma Jane was just 10 weeks old when HES says someone kicked her, causing her to go blind and break her leg.

HES says shelter workers were not able to find her a home due to the expensive medical needs and care that came along with her condition, so Emma Jane was scheduled to be euthanized at a high-kill shelter.

A volunteer with HES was told about Emma Jane on the day she was to be euthanized and contacted HES director Bob Citrullo to keep that from happening.

HES says it stepped in and took custody of Emma Jane. She's now in foster care with a splint on her broken leg, while she awaits surgery.

HES describes Emma Jane as incredibly resilient, and despite being blind and having a broken leg, says she is 'fearless.'

HES says she doesn't let her injury keep her from getting around as she attempts to learn by following the sound of her caregiver's voice. HES says she is excited to be around other animals and people and is unaware she has any disability.

Emma Jane requires orthopedic surgery to heal her broken leg.

HES says after surgery, Emma Jane will be able to live a normal, happy and healthy life with a new forever family.

With help from donations HES can show Emma Jane that not all people are bad and she can have a second chance at happiness in a loving forever home.

If you'd like to help, contact HES at (423) 624-5302 or message them on their Facebook page. Or, donate online here.

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