Fleeing fireworks: Help us get your scared pet back home

The Fourth of July is not a favorite holiday for many household pets. We want to help get them back home if fireworks Tuesday night caused them to take drastic action. (Image: MGN)

While the NewsChannel 9 viewing area's human population had a great time celebrating America's independence loudly on Tuesday, the area's four-legged friends weren't as thrilled.

Fireworks from the Fourth of July can often spook pets so much that they run away from their home.

We want to help fix that.

If you have lost a pet, please enter the information in a comment on our Facebook post, including (ideally) a picture. Give the general area where folks may see the pet. We will do our best to embed the comments here in this story, and keep this story updated. (Scroll down to see viewer comments).

From Jeff Brown in Ringgold (more details in the comments):

From Stephanie Newman in Athens:

From Brittany Thomas in East Ridge:

From Sarah Crane-Crisp in Cleveland:

From Sherri Bowers in Indian Springs:

You can also email our newsroom at

See other local pets who have been lost in our area, and pets worthy of adoption, here, in our "To the Rescue" section.

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