Dog thrown from vehicle in Red Bank Tuesday, going to foster home for recovery

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UPDATE (Jan. 17th):

The HES says Ali's broken leg has healed, & now has a forever home.


3-month-old German Shepherd Ali survived a fall most would not, leaving him with a broken leg and a long road to recovery.

With the community's support, it's a recovery his new foster parent can give him.

"He's not used to having that on his leg right now," says Humane Educational Society Director Bob Citrullo.

It's been less than 24 hours since Ali was abandoned.

"We see too may cases of this type of abuse to animals and cruelty," says Citrullo

After Ali was thrown from a moving van, Citrullo says a kind Samaritan who saw it happen immediately brought him to the Humane Educational Society.

"Why would you do something like this? That's a question that we've been asking for, you know, forever - why people do what they do. It's very disheartening," says Citrullo.

He says Ali's fall could have taken his life.

"Many times, unfortunately they tend to roll or they sustain head injuries with this type of trauma from being tossed outside of a car like that." says Citrullo.

Now, Ali is getting a second chance at life.

Foster parent Matthew Grimes says when he saw the social media post about the puppy, he was heartbroken.

"Just to be able to help the dog, just wanted to be there for him," says Grimes.

After a few signatures, Ali was united with his new dad.

With love and care, Director Bob Citrullo says this German Shepherd will be able to walk in no time and receive a new home.

It's a home the Director of the Humane Society says so many animals need.

"He's going to be a great dog, and like I said, we're very happy that he's not hurt more than he is,"says Citrullo.

To help other animals in need, check out the HES website here.


The Hamilton County chapter of the Humane Educational Society (HES) is asking for the public's help in giving a dog a second chance.

HES says Ali, a three-month-old German Shepard mix, was thrown from a moving vehicle and his leg was fractured upon impact.

This happened on Tuesday at about 10:30 a.m. HES says someone saw a driver in a light-colored van at the intersection of Dayton Boulevard and West Midvale Avenue throw Ali from the vehicle.

HES says the witness says the vehicle didn't even slow down when throwing Ali out.

The person who saw it happen stopped to help him, and took him to HES.

HES Society Animal Protection Officers need the public’s help to identify the person who committed this act of animal cruelty.

Officers were not able to gather many details on the vehicle and are hoping someone is able to recognize Ali and identify his previous owners.

Anyone with tips leading to the identification of Ali’s assailant is asked to call Humane Educational Society Animal Protection officers at 423-624-5302, extension 247.

The Humane Educational Society is also asking for donations to its Special Needs Fund to provide the care Ali needs to recover. Go here to learn more.

The Humane Educational Society is currently looking for a foster home for Ali to recover in. Ali will be in a splint for up to six weeks. Foster parents will need to be available to bring Ali back to the shelter for regular check ups. To become a foster parent please contact Jordan Taylor at

Depend on us to keep you posted.

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