Marine Corps veteran tells his story of fighting in the last major battle of WWII

Marine Corps veteran, Jack Murphy, fought at the Battles of Peleliu and Okinawa in World War II.

A few weeks ago on the Price of Freedom we told you about Jack Murphy. He fought in two of the biggest battles in the Pacific Theater in World War II.

We told you about what he saw at the battle of Peleliu in early March.

"I was there until about the fourth day of October, from the 15th of September to the fourth day of October," Mr. Murphy said. "We shoved off and went back to Pavuvu then."

They didn't stay there long. They went to Guadalcanal to train for the next invasion.

He landed on Okinawa on Easter Sunday, April 1st, 1945.

"it was a real April Fools day," Mr. Murphy said. "We couldn't even find them. We went across the island there in two days."

Mr Murphy was part of a twelve-man howitzer crew. He says from there they turned left and headed north.

"But there wasn't much resistance to the north. Most of the resistance was to the south, and that's where the Army was catching it," Mr. Murphy said.

On April 11th he finally headed south to the toughest fighting of the battle.

"It don't ever leave you. I can remember just like yesterday," Mr. Murphy said.

Okinawa was the last major battle of WWII and Mr. Murphy fought there until the war ended. He says he is very proud of his service in the Marine Corps during World War II.

"I felt like it was an honor for me to do that, to serve when I did," Mr. Murphy said. "I still think so."

After the war Mr. Murphy came back to East Tennessee and did several jobs. He worked in construction and for the Cleveland Police Department.

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