Iraq and Afghanistan War veteran tells the story of the "hard times" he's lived through

USMC veteran Daniel Wysong fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Daniel Wysong enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2005 at that point the United States had been fighting in Afghanistan for four years and in Iraq for three.

"I knew I was going, and that was exciting to me," Daniel said.

He did one tour in Iraq and another in Afghanistan.

"My first deployment just a lowly Lance Corporal didn't know where I was going, what I was doing and it's scary starting out," Daniel Wysong said. "It's just the fear of the unknown."

His second deployment was in 2011-2012 . He says in that deployment he saw a lot more combat.

"Like the Sgt. Major said coming back, 'people don't care what you did over here. They just don't care so just be ready for that when you go home,'" Wysong said.

But Daniel was not ready for what happened when he came home from Afghanistan. He was back in Chattanooga just a couple months and he was driving on his motorcycle on Highway 153.

"I looked to my left I saw the little car to my left and I looked down at my speed. 55 and I was 'man, I'm good' and the next thing I know I woke up in the hospital," Wysong said.

He broke several bones in his shoulder and had severe nerve damage.

"I broke my acromion, my humerus, broke my radial, my ulna, and I tore the deltoid muscles off," he said.

That was six years ago.

He's doing much better today, but between fighting two wars and that crash Daniel has been through some very hard times.

"We all go through hard times. When you go through hard times you find out what you're made of." Daniel Wysong said.

Daniel now has his own tree trimming business and he's working on starting a non-profit to help veterans.

He is holding a range day this Saturday for any veteran who wants to attend.

"The idea of it is to really just to bring people together and have fun," Daniel said.

Daniel talked to us about the struggles veterans have when they return from combat and how spending time with other veterans is helpful.

"Most of the guys are like Yes! I love that," Daniel Wysong said. "I'd love to be around some other people that think like me."

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