How Chuck Alsobrook is helping veterans in Hamilton County

Chuck Alsobrook is Hamilton County's very first veteran services officer. (Image: WTVC)

Less than a year ago Hamilton County hired its first ever veteran services officer, and they didn't have to look far to find the person they believe is perfect to do this job.

Chuck Alsobrook grew up in Trenton, Georgia. He joined the Air Force when he was 23.

"Serving in the Air Force really prepared me for this job," Alsobrook said. "I joined in 2007. I was attached to the Second Logistics Readiness Squadron at Barksdale Air Force Base."

Mr. Alsobrook has been on the job for about eleven months and he says he's been busy with "over a thousand office visits. I've had over 3,700 phone calls, and I've filed about 1,400 claims."

He did a similar job in Lafayette, Georgia, before taking the job in Hamilton County. Alsobrook says his family's military tradition is one reason he wants to work to help the men and women who served our country.

"What I love most about this job, and what's most rewarding is the fact that I get to talk to legitimate war heroes on a regular basis."

And the number of those legitimate war heroes, and all of the people who served our country continues to grow.

There are more than 25,000 veterans in Hamilton County, Tennessee, and if any of them need to file a pension claim or a compensation claim tied to a service related injury Chuck Alsobrook wants to help them.

"Working with veterans is something special," Mr. Alsobrook said. "I would say the majority of honorably discharged veterans are just great people are just strong Americans that are easy to talk to and good to work with."

The Hamilton County Veterans Services Office is open Monday through Friday from 8-4.

The office is located at 1250 Market Street, Suite 1006, Chattanooga, TN.

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