Don Henderson spent three years in the Army and sixty four years on the road

Don Henderson was among the first occupation forces in Japan just after WWII. He came home and drove buses and trucks for 64 years.

Don Henderson grew up in Alabama and was drafted in 1945.

"I was a high school drop out," Don Henderson said. "I went to Chattanooga to welding school then from there I went to Brunswick to a ship yard. Worked there until I was drafted in the Army in WWII."

He trained all over the country from Florida to Louisiana, to Oregon and Washington. The Army then put him on a ship and sent him to Japan.

"It ended while I was on my way over there, and that was I guess lucky for me," Mr. Henderson said.

Mr. Henderson was among the first occupation forces in Japan.

He spent about three and a half years in the Army

"Got out, and I was working and had three different jobs in Chattanooga," Mr. Henderson said. "Wasn't satisfied with anything. I just couldn't find what i wanted to do."

He moved to Arizona, and worked in a copper mine. He then went to Seattle to work for Boeing.

"One of us would bring a paper in, and we would divide it up during the lunch hour," Mr. Henderson said. "I wound up with the want ads and I saw an ad there that said Greyhound is taking applications for drivers. Man, I clocked out right then and went down and turned my application in. After I started driving a bus I thought this is what i want."

Don Henderson has spent most of his life since then behind the wheel of something.

He drove Greyhound Buses for thirty-three years. Then he drove trucks.

"Down on 23rd street Mack and Volvo," Mr. Henderson said. "Went down there and started doing that. Did that for 28 years."

He drove for a living for 64 years total.

"That's what I liked. I just loved going across the country seeing the country," Mr. Henderson said. "Been in all lower 48 states that I would have never seen if I hadn't been driving."

He retired for good a couple of years ago when he was 90 years old.

"I just miss it, but I guess there comes a time when you gotta give it up. So enjoy it while you can," Mr. Henderson said.

Don Henderson is now 92 years old.

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