A WWII veteran's love story

In January of 1943, Milton Norrell got the notice that he was shipping out to go fight in World War II. He landed in France about three weeks after D-Day. He was captured by German Soldiers during the Battle of the Bulge.

"I didn't want one of the officers to see my knees quaking, and i looked over the way at our supply officer and dental officer. I didn't want him to see me. I took a glance, and I saw his knees were quaking too," Mr. Norrell said.

They were captured, but it only lasted for a day until more American troops came to help free them.

"I tried to do my part," Mr. Norrell said.

This story is not just about what Milton saw in the war. It's about who he saw before it.

Milton was a student, and he worked at a dairy milking cows. He says the dairy had a lot of visitors.

"There was only one person that I did distinctly recall, and that was a pretty girl," Mr. Norrell said. "If I had known then how important and how precious she would be to me 60 or 70 years later I'd have payed a lot more attention."

He joined the Army. He came home and became a doctor. He got married, and lived a long happy life in Alabama. Before his wife passed she was friends with Ethel, and several years ago Ethel's husband passed away as well.

"Ethel had not planned to remarry," Mr. Norrell said.

In February of 2002 Milton decided to pay Ethel a visit, and in May of the next year Milton married that young girl who came to watch him milk cows so many years ago. Ethel and Milton have now been married for the last 13 years.

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