Restaurant owner serves free meals for programs helping people battle addictions

Diane White feeds the men of Miracle Lake and the women of Women at the Well once a week. (Image: WTVC)

A restaurant owner in McMinn County is offering free meals for programs helping men and women battle drug and alcohol addictions.

In this week's Pay It Forward, Jessica Harthorn surprises her at the Farmhouse Restaurant.

If you're searching for a "made from scratch" broccoli and chicken casserole, you'll find it at the Farmhouse Restaurant in Etowah, but it's who Owner Diane White is serving that's helping the community one meal at a time.

In McMinn County sharing a home cooked meal means something.

Tim Amos is one of the men from Miracle Lake, a residential Christian training center for men struggling with addictions.

"Because of Christ, he has taken away all of my addictions from me. The cravings are gone. I am a new person. It's unbelievable," said Tim.

Tim says his new craving is the Farmhouse's broccoli casserole.

He looks forward to the free meal, once a week at the restaurant in Etowah.

Alex Gambrell is the Project Manager at Miracle Lake, he says Restaurant Owner Diane White has been serving the men in his ministry for several years.

Diane also serves the women in the recovery program Women at the Well.

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