Helping to rebuild: Marshall Worley

Marshall Worley is nominated for Pay It Forward for helping people rebuild. (Image: WTVC)

If you're in need, a man from Dalton will find a way to help.

Whether it's a mission trip feeding children overseas, or fixing up homes for the elderly, this week's Pay It Forward nominee has touched hundreds of lives.

Watch as Jessica Harthorn literally stopped the bus to surprise Marshall Worley.

His passion for mission work began after Hurricane Katrina.

As a construction worker, Marshall Worley says he spent a lot of time in New Orleans helping to rebuild.

But we learned his handy work and sacrifice for others has hammered its way to the Dalton area as well.

When severe storms ripped through Dalton the end of May, Marshall Worley and a group of volunteers arrived at this home before the rain even stopped, helping to remove a massive tree that came crashing down.

Marshall told us that day, helping others is his mission.

"Salem Baptist Church is a church about others, and we love to do something like this," said Marshall.

That's how Donna Ivester first met Marshall, when he volunteered to clean up fallen trees in her yard too.

"His heart is in the right place for our community," said Donna.

We met Donna at Marshall's church in Dalton and hid in a back room. "I'm nervously excited," Donna said as she peaked out the window.

We watched and waited as Marshall loaded up dozens of kids from Salem Baptist heading to camp for the week.

Moments later we got a text from his daughter...It was a big G-O!

"Wait! Wait! Wait! I have something for you! Marshall, on behalf of Newschannel 9 and the McMahan Law Firm, Nathan and I would like to Pay It Forward to you, 1, 2, 3, 4, 500 dollars," surprised Donna.

"You seem a little emotional right now, what's going through your heart?"asked Jessica Harthorn.

"I do a lot of stuff for people, and sometimes you don't get recognized for it, and it's just really good. I appreciate it," said Marshall.

That's when Marshall jumped off the bus to hug his wife and say thank you to all of his fellow volunteers.

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