Firefighter gives cancer patients a ride to treatment in pink fire truck

The local chapter of Pink Heals is part of a national organization that provides support and transportation for families battling debilitating illnesses. (Image: WTVC)

Don't be surprised if you see a pink fire truck driving around the Chattanooga area.

It's part of a national organization that provides support and transportation for families battling debilitating illnesses.

In this week's Pay It Forward, Jessica Harthorn surprises a volunteer firefighter who started the Chattanooga Chapter of Pink Heals.

Robert Baty has become an important part of the healing process for many local families battling cancer.

Through his non-profit chapter of Pink Heals, he's helped one little boy stay strong as he battled luekemia.

This was little Abel Sewell from Lookout Valley in 2015.

He was diagnosed with Leukemia and undergoing extensive chemotherapy.

Now 3 years later, his mother Tricia says he is cancer free!

Abel, all smiles, gave a big thumbs up on his first day of kindergarten.

"We are done. We are moving on and we are life after cancer and it's going to be great," said Tricia.

But today is extra special for Abel, he's waiting to be taken to the Children's Hospital at Erlanger to ring the "Bell of Hope," signifying the start of a new chapter.

And the ride will take place in this pink fire truck named Cody.

"It goes beep, beep!" said Abel.

"That's right, it goes beep, beep!" said Tricia.

But before Abel takes off , John Trotter, a friend of the family, wants to thank the man who's making the momentous occasion possible.

"Robert for everything you do for Abel, and for all the cancer patients all over this valley and the state of Tennessee and everything you've done. All the money you spent out of your pocket, all the time, the effort. We would like to Pay It Forward on behalf of the McMahan Law Firm and Newschannel 9. We like to repay you a small token, and I know it doesn't scratch the bottom of the barrel, but it's something. 1, 2, 3, 4, $500," surprised John.

"Thank you buddy!" hugged Robert.

John also handed Robert another check for Pink Heals donated by the Lookout Valley Lodge, and then it was time for Abel to climb into the cab.

"We love him and support him, and we are here for him, the whole family," said Robert.

Moments later, Abel was whisked away to Erlanger where he was surrounded by Chattanooga firefighters.

He was presented with a CFD patch, helmet and challenge coin, and then it was time to head inside and ring the bell.

Congratulations Abel!

Do you know someone who deserves $500 cash for helping others? Nominate them here.

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