Chattanooga grandma volunteers 20 hours a week helping teachers

Pam Cross has volunteered at Clifton Hills at least 20 hours every week for six years. (Image: WTVC)

Rain or shine, a woman walks three blocks from her home every week day to volunteer at an elementary school in Chattanooga.

She's been helping the staff at Clifton Hills Elementary for the last six years, and that's where Newschannel 9's Jessica Harthorn surprised her for this week's Pay It Forward.

In 2011, Pam Cross started volunteering in her grandson's classroom at Clifton Hills, but even after he moved to a different school she decided to stick around.

She's now become an asset for every busy teacher, tackling the tasks many educators don't have time for.

She cuts, copies and laminates.

Administrative Assistant Linda Worley tells us Pam Cross and the work she does for free is worth more than gold.

"It gives the teachers more time to be involved with the children," said Linda.

Oh yeah, and the kids at Clifton Elementary, they love her too.

"They'll see her in the classroom and she'll get hugs before she leaves, she'll go up in the cafeteria and help," said Linda.

But today it's Linda's turn to give back to Pam, saying thank you for volunteering 20 hours every week.

"We love you, and on behalf of Newschannel 9 and the McMahan Law Firm, we would like to present you with Pay It Forward," surprised Linda.

"Thank you!"cried Pam.

Within seconds, Pam was hugging the office staff and reading heartfelt messages from students.

"I enjoy doing it. This is my second home and lots of girls here become like children to me," said Pam.

But the icing on the cake she tells us, is that tomorrow she can come back and volunteer with her second family all over again.

Do you know someone who deserves $500 cash for volunteering? Nominate them here!

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