Adopted woman makes kits for officers to give to kids placed in foster care

Callie Scroggins created "Kits for Kids," full of donated food, toys and personal hygiene items. Now the officers at four local law enforcement agencies have them in their patrol cars. (Image: WTVC)

A young Rossville woman is bringing comfort to countless children who are placed in foster care.

She's created "Kits for Kids." They're full of donated food, toys and personal hygiene items.

Now the officers at four local law enforcement agencies have them in their patrol cars.

In this week's Pay It Forward, Jessica Harthorn surprises her at Rossville City Hall, where she shares her personal journey of living in foster care.

When Callie Scroggins was five years old, she and her younger brother Cody were taken from their biological parents.

Both mom and dad were battling addiction.

For the next few years, they were in and out of foster care.

Ironically, the detective who responded to her parent's home, later adopted the siblings.

Now Callie is helping other children with her "Kits For Kids."

It all started with a perfect score on her Senior Project at Ridgeland High School.

Now Callie Scroggins' Kits for Kids are helping local officers who assist in removing children from their homes.

Rossville Police Officer Scott Forrest, says its a tough situation he sees every month.

"It gives us an extra tool to show kids we do care for them. We are their friends and not someone to be afraid of," said Officer Forrest.

The kits are also in the back of patrol cars in Catoosa County, Walker County and the Fort Oglethorpe Police Department.

Rossville City Clerk, Sherry Foster, found out about Callie's project from her father, Detective Dave Scroggins.

She's watched her grow up, since he adopted her and six other kids.

"Callie lived this, this is part of her life, so it was very personal to her, and I think that's why she choose this project," said Sherry.

Sherry told Callie to show up at Rossville City Hall, so the mayor could congratulate her, but somebody else was waiting in the Mayor's office.

"Hey Callie, on behalf of Newschannel 9 and the McMahan Law Firm and Pay It Forward, we want to give you something special for your senior project. 1, 2, 3, 4, $500," surprised Sherry.

"What! Thank you!" said Callie.

"We are so excited and you did a great job on that project," said Sherry as she hugged Callie.

Callie then took us outside to show us the kits in Officer Forrest's trunk.

Inside are stuffed dolls, coloring books, tooth brushes, crackers, candy, even a flashlight that Callie says will light the child's way in a dark time.

"Did you ever think it would evolve into something like this?" asked Newschannel 9's Jessica Harthorn.

"No! This has gotten way bigger than I expected it to!" said Callie.

Callie will study nursing at Dalton State this fall. She's says her passion for care-giving started as a child.

At five years old, she was helping her brother Cody with his feeding tube, medicine and changing his diaper.

"Even though he is special needs, he can't talk or walk. We still have a really close bond and I think we understand each other," said Callie.

Now Callie's giving a voice to other children just like him.

Do you know someone who deserves $500 cash for helping others? Nominate them here!

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