WorkHound is giving front line workers an avenue to give employers feedback

Workhound is planning to grow its workforce in Chattanooga in 2019.

WorkHound is working to make companies better by giving their employees a louder and stronger voice.

"The smartest organizations right now are really embracing this idea of a talent strategy, and seeing their people as human capital and front line feedback is a gold mine," Workhound co-founder, Max Farrell said. "The best companies out there are using the feed back of their front line workers as operational intelligence."

Max Farrell and his business partner started WorkHound in 2015.

"My co-founder Andrew Kirpalani and I got together over beers and both had a shared mission of helping people love the work they do," Max Farrell said.

So Andrew and Max built a platform that gives workers a place to voice concerns and share ideas about the work they are doing. Companies are now using WorkHound to get feedback from their employees.

"We prompt workers to share feedback anywhere anytime anonymously without the fear of retaliation," Max Farrell said. "They are using text messages with a link so it's really low friction for them to participate. From there once the workforce shares companies get access to a dashboard where in real time they can see what is the pulse of their people."

Workhound started in Iowa and does business in several different industries, but their work in trucking and supply chain is what brought them to Chattanooga.

"in the summer of 2016 Dynamo announced their accelerator around transportation and supply chain, and as two people who were not originally from the supply chain space we wanted partners who could help us get in the door and grow a lot faster," Max Farrell said.

Max says after going through the Dynamo Accelerator here they doubled their revenue in a three month period. They quickly decided to open an office in Chattanooga.

"The smartest mid-size cities are building around a thesis. In Des Moines, Iowa it's around insurance or ag tech. In Chattanooga, Tennessee its around freight and logistics technology and supply chain," Max Farrell said. "And why not? You've got some of the largest players in transportation that are down here and logistics that are down here."

WorkHound has done a lot of work in the trucking industry, but they are also currently working in healthcare, warehousing, manufacturing and other industries.

Max Farrell told me right now they have seven employees here in Chattanooga, nine total. They hope to grow that number to 30 employees over the next few months.

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