UTC's Veteran Entrepreneurship Program has helped launch dozens of businesses

Bret Moldenhauer was in the first class of UTC's Veterans Entrepreneurship Program. Bret recently helped open a new business on Chattanooga's South Side called Norspring.

We have told you about the Veterans Entrepreneurship Program at UTC in the past. Right now the program is in it's seventh year. One of the programs first graduates from seven years ago recently started a new project.

Bret Moldenhauer is an Army veteran and an entrepreneur.

"Norspring center for rejuvenation and I am the integrative medical director," Bret said.

Norspring is Bret's second business venture.

"My initial plan was to bring kinda like a special forces team of therapists to work with Olympic and pro athletes on-site and then disband and go wherever we need to go into the world," Bret said. "This is a very different situation."

At Norspring Bret is a minority partner with several other people involved. There you'll find multiple services including massage and yoga, but at the center is a cryotherapy chamber.

"It's a four person chamber," Bret said. "What's important to understand about this is there is two types of cryotherapies that we have on the market."

One version is a big tube that you get into but your head sticks out the top.

"What's different about this," Bret told us. "You're walking into an actual room."

Bret tells us this is the only center like this in the country that has all of these services in one place along with the whole body cryotherapy center.

This summer Bret brought the current class of the Veterans Entrepreneurship Program here to show the current students what this program can really do.

Robert Dooley is the Dean of UTC's College of Business. He says 130 veterans have gone through the program, and 30% of those veterans have launched businesses.

"I think for them it's shows that it's reality," Robert Dooley said. "You can take your passion and your entrepreneurial dream and you can achieve it."

Bret already had his first business up and running ... before joining the program .. but he says it took what he was doing to a new level.

"The jet-fuel they gave me to really understand what I was doing, where I was going, you don't know what you don't know, and they're very good at pulling that out," Bret said.

At Bret's other operation he is doing other therapies including acupuncture.

That clinic is located at Erlanger North.

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