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Urban Story Ventures has big plans in Chattanooga

Urban Story Ventures has big plans for the West End development in downtown Chattanooga.{p}{/p}
Urban Story Ventures has big plans for the West End development in downtown Chattanooga.

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When you drive through downtown Chattanooga you've seen the buildings and properties they own, but you may not know their name, their story and what they're working on that's expected to bring jobs to the city.

Jimmy White is the president and co-founder of Urban Story Ventures

"All of the buildings that we've bought have their own stories," Mr. White said.

Among the first properties they bought were The James Building, and a site on the corner King Street and Market Street that is currently under construction.

"We basically took an old abandoned warehouse re-imagined it, put seventy-thousand square feet of office, retail, and a hotel on site with onsite parking," Jimmy White said.

They later added the Edney Innovation Center and the Dome Building.

"We want to be good stewards of these properties," Mr. White said. "We believe in Chattanooga long term."

Jimmy White grew up here. He went to high school in Chattanooga and college in Knoxville.

Mr. White said he lived in South Florida for a while but moved back home. "My partner Hiren Desai Herinda, 3H group hotels, his business is based out of Chattanooga as well. When I moved back here it made a lot of sense for us to get together, and focus on what we focused on."

And a big part of what they're focused on these days is the old Alstom property what's now called the West End.

"You go from 27 to Veterans Bridge, and you go from the river to 4th street you know that's a big area," Mr. White. "This West End site is twice as large as that."

The property is surrounded by the river, The River walk, and eventually the ML king extension to the river.

Jimmy White says he expects to have businesses operating on this site by the end of the year with more to come over the next few years. He says they will meet with land planners over the next six months and put a plan in place that could extend out for the next 10 years.

Some places on the property will be redeveloped. Some buildings will remain as it is in hopes that another company can use what's in place.

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Jimmy White says he expects to have announcements coming in the next few weeks on businesses that are coming to the West End that are expected to bring at least 200 jobs.

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