Three Chattanooga companies are growing their business at Techstars Austin

Three Chattanooga companies are accepted into Techstars Austin. (Image: WTVC)

It's Another sign of the success of the growing tech entrepreneur space in Chattanooga. Three local companies made it into this year's Techstars Accelerator in Austin, Texas.

Only 9 companies around the world made it into this year's program.

"Literally in my goals I wrote down a couple of years ago the top of the list was to get into Techstars," Pass It Down founder, Chris Cummings, said.

Chris started his company a few years ago. We've told you about it on Making History several times in the past.

His story has grown in some interesting ways.

He calls it a digital Museum platform. It's a way to collect and share history

"We have clients across three continents. We are working with cities. We're working with libraries, museums, and some of the biggest brands," Chris Cummings said. "If you have history how do we collect organize and share that history and make it more engaging."

On Tuesday Chris and his team started the Techstars accelerator.

The program is a way to get access to mentors who have grown their companies and access to significant investors to get venture capital. It's a way for Chris and his team to grow Pass It Down in a whole new and major way.

Pass it Down is just one of the three local companies to make it into Techstars Austin this year.

CPR Wrap and Woorly are also in the 2019 class.

"We help brands identify their champions. We provide tools to encourage them to continue going out there advocating for their brand," Aaron Welch from Woorly said.

Aaron says they've made some mistakes early on, but they've nailed down some things that are now working for them.

"As we've evolved over the last six months it has been how do we meet people where these things occur and make it as seamless as possible to what you are already doing," Aaron Welch said. "Some of the ways that we make that easy is in social media. You just throw hash tag Woorly in."

Aaron says he hopes Techstars will help him take what works and grow it so much more.

Aaron and Chris say having three local companies in this accelerator is a great example of the entrepreneur growth in Chattanooga.

"We don't think we would have been at this point were it not for Chattanooga," Chris Cummings said. "Building a company takes a long time. It can be very expensive and because of the support and infrastructure of Chattanooga. It gave us the time to be able to grow and learn and pivot and pivot and pivot until we found what we're really, really good at."

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