The Sasha Group is open for business in Chattanooga

Making History: The Sasha Group is open for business in Chattanooga

In 2015 Gary Vaynerchuk's company, VaynerMedia, opened an office here in Chattanooga.

Over the last few years Vaynerchuk has grown his Agency network. Now there are seven companies inside VaynerX.

Three weeks ago VaynerX launched The Sasha Group, and the Chattanooga Office will play a big role in that venture.

"I'm enormously excited about our new agency one that will service so many people who have been dying to work with the VaynerX Machine," Vaynerchuk said in a video release provided by VaynerMedia.

The last time we visited their local offices the space looked similar but the sign on the door has changed.

We talked to Mickey Cloud, the head of the Sasha Group's Chattanooga office, about what this change is all about.

"We've been piloting over the last two years out of this office, the past two years out of the New York office different ways we could productize our services to offer them at lower prices to companies that are doing maybe between one million in revenue and a hundred million in revenue," Mickey Cloud said.

Before now they've been working mostly with Fortune 100 to 500 level companies. This change allows them to work with smaller companies.

"It's a lot of who Gary's audience is," Mickey said. "Our CEO's got a big personal brand. He's got millions of followers across social media, and a lot of those people are entrepreneurs, family business owners, small business operators."

You've likely seen Gary Vaynerchuk's videos on social media.

"We now have something to take to his audience and say 'we can work with you,'" Mickey said.

The Chattanooga office still has about 20 employees. Mickey says when he first moved here he got a lot of calls from smaller local companies wanting to work with the VaynerMedia brand. Now these changes gives him more to offer smaller companies in and around Chattanooga as well.

Mickey says they can help with marketing, education, consulting, and more.

"Gary is gonna be involved," Mickey Cloud said. "There are certain packages that we're selling as The Sasha Group that Gary's time is built into that package."

And as The Sasha Group and VaynerX keeps growing, Mickey says Chattanooga is still a great fit for what this company wants to do.

"It still works because we enjoy it here," Mickey Cloud said. "It's the people in this office who like being here and that there is still a ton of great opportunity for us."

If you want to work with The Sasha Group they have a form on their website

Mickey says five thousand people reached out to them from around the world in the first week The Sasha Group was up and running

You can also reach out to Mickey directly in the Chattanooga office. He says some of the best ways to contact him is on twitter or by email.

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