Fit4Mom Chattanooga is helping local mothers

Dozens of new moms and they're babies start their day in Coolidge Park with a workout with Fit4Mom Chattanooga.

At least five days a week you can find a group of moms in Coolidge Park getting in a morning workout while pushing strollers. Fit4Mom has franchises across the country, and they now organize workouts in several places across the city.

Rachel McClellan started Fit4Mom Chattanooga about a year ago. It's a workout for mom, and it's designed to be fun for the babies.

"Once you have a baby, and you get cleared at six weeks you can't put your babies in the gym childcare a lot of times until sometimes six months." McClellan said, "this is kinda the best of both worlds. So, you bring your babies with you. We work out. We entertain them. We really work hard to keep them happy."

The mom's who come to these workouts say there are a lot of benefits to coming here.

Of the class instructors, Sara Hendley, said one of her favorite parts is that her son gets to see her be active and healthy.

"For him to see us moving part of our day, and laughing and having fun doing it, I can't imagine a better way to bring him up," Hendley said.

Rachel McClellan was a Fit4Mom instructor in Chicago before moving to Chattanooga. When she found out there wasn't a location here she knew what she had do

"This has grown by leaps and bounds far beyond my dreams for what one year would look like," McClellan said. "It's my passion. I'm bringing mom's together in a community, and helping them create healthy families and healthy mamas and healthy babies."

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