Dynamo is helping companies make a big impact in the supply chain industry

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Tonight in Making History. We take a look at Dynamo.

It's a venture capital fund based in Chattanooga that is investing in and growing companies in the supply chain and mobility industry.

Santosh Sankar didn't start his career thinking about Chattanooga or supply chain.

"I graduated college in 2010, and right after college I think I had like two weeks and I moved up to New York City," Santosh said. "I had taken a job at Citigroup right after the financial crisis as a banker."

In 2015 he was ready for a change, and he got connected with Ted Alling who with his team and partners had already had a lot of success with Access America and was starting The Lamp Post Group.

"He's like come spend some time in Chattanooga because there's something here I can't describe but if you're here you'll feel it," Santosh said. "I strongly feel that somebody like you is needed as a fixture."

Santosh had no connection to Chattanooga at that point. He came for a visit, "on April 1, 2015. Spent a month here," Santosh said. "About a week in I call my girlfriend, and said hey we're gonna come to Chattanooga and this is where we are gonna try to build our life."

He started off working with local start ups, and In late 2015 they started having conversations about some changes in the shipping and transportation industry.

"Technology was starting to make an impact in trucking, warehousing, rail and there were founders starting to show up asking for advice, asking for support," Santosh said. "Very curiously we said is there something to be had here? Is there an early stage fund that we should set up ?"

And that is where the spark for Dynamo was born.

"One thing lead to another and what we've established ourselves as is the go to supply chain and mobility investor," Santosh said.

Dynamo invested in twenty companies in their first fund.

Two have offices in Chattanooga, Work Hound and Steam Logistics. We've told you their stories in the past on Making History.

Dynamo partner Santosh Sankar says is now working with all these companies but he's still looking for great founders and great talent to plug into their companies

"I'm always looking for really strong teams that are really audacious that could really build some great products," Santosh said.

At Dynamo it's more than just investing capital they work to support these companies as well.

"We provide them with potential customers. We provide them with thinking around how you hire. We help inform their strategy their product vision," Santosh Sankar said. "So there's a lot of work to be done."

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