Chattanooga's Text Request is working to help companies solve communication issues

Text Request Co-founder Brian Elrod (Image: WTVC)

Chattanooga natives Brian and Jamey Elrod have started several businesses in town.

Five years ago the Elrod's along with their co-founder, Rob Reagan, started a company that helps businesses communicate with their customers called Text Request.

"Let me give you two statistics. 99% of all text messages are read and 95% of them are read in under three minutes," Brian Elrod told a customer over the phone.

Brian told us if you want to start a company start it around a need.

"We were in a restaurant. We had a little toddler at the time, and he was having a toddler moment," Brian's wife and one of the companies co-founders, Jamey Elrod said. "Screaming throwing forks, not kidding, and I looked at Brian and 'if i could just text someone and say please bring us our food and our check. We'll just box it up and get out of here."

Brain and Jamey's need to get out of that restaurant that night lead them to the company they started in 2014.

"We were driving down the road and I looked at Brian and I'm like, you know, that's really not too bad of an idea," Jamey said.

That spark started them thinking about the possibilities of the company now called Text Request.

"Everyone personally communicated via text message, but businesses were not listening to that mode of communication," Brian Elrod said. "So we saw an opportunity to build software that gave them all the tools, and organizational features they needed so they could do it professionally as a team."

The Text Request team is now at 15 employees. They are planning to hire three more staff members this year. They also just doubled the size of their office.

"We're gonna give you the software so that you can do it in an organized and professional manner as a team. That's the big part of that. So everyone on your team can see what's happening with the communication."

Brain and Jamey say their primary goal with text request is to help companies solve communication problems.

Brian Elrod says another thing that he's proud of is that they have no investors. The three founders build Text Request from the ground up with their own resources and company revenue.

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